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10 Easy Steps to Winterize Your Home


by christina rutz
by christina rutz

Now is a good time to get out and evaluate your home and start preparing it for winter. Don’t wait until the weather turns cold, or worse, the first snow fall to start thinking about the steps that need to be taken to winterize.

Below are 10 things you can do to prepare.

  1. Caulk and seal all doors and windows. Not only will this keep the cold out it will also reduce your electric bill and keep out pests.
  2. Inspect Gutters. Install leaf guards before leaves fall and now is also a good time to inspect those gutters and make any necessary repairs.
  3. Seal around outside water faucets. Inspect and fill in any gaps around the water faucets and insulate before the first freeze.
  4. Inspect the roof for any loose shingles. This is probably a job for a professional but don’t wait until the roof is frozen over or after a leak has started before doing the inspection. Catching leaks before they are visible inside can save you lots of money and headache.
  5. Call the chimney sweep. Have the chimney inspected, cleaned and any repairs done now. This is the slow season so the cost is usually lower than in the winter.
  6. Insulate the doors and windows. This is a very inexpensive way to cut back on the electric bill. Check the weather stripping around the windows and doors and replace any that is in poor condition.
  7. Check and fill any gaps around the A/C unit where the hoses enter your home.
  8. Clean the Dryer vent. If the exhaust is low to the ground clear away any debris and make sure the exhaust is clear of lint and dust. Not only does this prevent fires but it also saves money on your electric bill. When the dryer is full of lint it takes longer to dry your clothes.
  9. Check the foundation for any cracks. Just like the roof if problems are caught early you can save yourself a lot of money, time and frustration.
  10. Inspect any trees around the home. Make sure they are not rotting and trim any limbs that may need to be cut back. Especially any that make fall onto the home and damage it during a storm.



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