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6 Things Your Columbia Agent Won’t Tell You

As a prospective seller in the Columbia SC real estate market, you probably would not be surprised if your agent suggested that you get rid of clutter, both indoors and out. You would not be all that shocked if the agent broached the subject of “staging your home.”¬†However, there are some things real estate agents are hesitant to talk to you about — namely “off-the-wall” things the homeowners tries to do to sell their property. Here is a list of 6 things you’ve probably never heard a real estate agent in Columbia tell you:

1. Unplug the Air Fresheners

Columbia Air Freshener
by Guy

Overwhelming and artificial scents may actually be counterproductive. Some buyers may even subconsciously associate the use of plug-in air fresheners with an effort to cover up the smell of smoke. Buyers can be a little apprehensive and skeptical as it is. After all, they are embarking on one of the biggest purchases of their lives. Don’t arouse their suspicions with “coconut” or “Northwoods” scents where they really don’t belong. Instead, bake some cookies to fill your home with a natural fragrance that is almost universally appreciated.

2. Removing Furniture to “Create More Space” is Not Good

Empty House in Columbia SC
by Cindi Carter

Regardless of what some agents may claim, houses without furniture don’t really appear to be larger. This idea behind staging a home is to help buyers visualize themselves living there. Without furniture, it becomes even harder to visualize where things would go. There’s no real perspective.

3. Show a buyer your home 15 minutes for now? Well, sure!

This advice seems to run counter to the well-accepted notion that your home should be close to “model” perfect for each buyer’s visit. However, in this case, you may have yourself an impulsive buyer. They can be the best kind. Sure, parts of your residence will be a little unkempt. However, this type of buyer often knows that they are imposing a bit; perhaps they came from some distance and time is limited during their stay.

In any case, your impulsive visitor may impulsively decide to make an offer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Invite them over.

4. Watch Out for High Valuations

Agents, oftentimes desperate ones, may be tempted to disregard the traditional comparative market analysis (CMA) and offer to list your home for much more than other agents have. This is often dubbed “buying the listing,” and it can be a harmful tactic. List your home for more than it’s worth, and astute buyers will pass you by. Both buyers and their agents often develop an acute sense of what the prevailing prices are in a given neighborhood. Overprice your home, and you may miss out on the perfect buyer.


5. Counter Tops should be Clean

As buyers try to visualize what it would be like to live in your home, they’ll often pay special attention to counter space. Therefore, slide all those personal items covering your bathroom counter top into a drawer. A spacious counter top can create a very positive impression. The same is true for kitchen counters and the top of any kitchen island.

6. Cut your Neighbor’s Lawn

Cut Your Neighbors Lawn
by Sacks08

The arrival of a prospective buyer is a big deal. First impressions count, right? Well, what if your yard looks so good that it only highlights the ragged, uncut yard next-door? The solution is obvious. Thrill your neighbor by offering to cut their lawn! This will invariably add to the curb appeal of your home.

Selling Your Home in the Columbia, SC Area

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