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Answers to Common Home Buying Questions in Columbia

Purchasing a new home can be a complicated process, especially if you are buying your first home. Home buyers searching for a house in Columbia may have several questions they need answered in order to find the perfect home. The following common answers will help get you started down the right path to purchasing your dream house.

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1. What Should I Do before Buying a Home?

The very first thing you need to do before buying a new home is to check your credit score to see if you qualify for a loan. The higher your credit score is, the more affordable loan you qualify for. You will need to complete a loan application for qualification. Make sure that you start saving up money for a down payment beforehand so that you can obtain a cheaper loan. Searching online for potential houses and researching the different neighborhoods in Columbia will help narrow down your search, making the process easier.

2. How Much Can I Afford?

When researching potential mortgages and homes in Columbia, you should take into account the costs associated with a home. You need to determine if you can afford the monthly payments that come with owning a home, and you need to make sure to factor in additional costs like down payments, extra fees, closing costs and remodeling costs. You can calculate your mortgage loan by using an online calculator.

3. Why Should I Buy Instead of Rent?

The money you spend on rent every month will never benefit you, but monthly house payments build equity, providing you with a valuable form of net worth. You no longer need to worry about landlords and are free to customize your space as you deem fit. Buying a home offers the freedom to maintain your own place, how to handle issues that develop, and who to hire to fix the issues.

4. How Do I Choose the Best Mortgage Loan?

Your financial and personal situation determines what loan will best suit your needs. There are several types of loans available on the market, with some holding a 15-year term and others a 30-year term.

  • Balloon Mortgage: This loan provides a low rate for a certain period of time.
  • Two-step Mortgage: Your interest rates will adjust once during the loan’s lifespan.
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage: Payments decrease or increase with interest rate fluctuations.

5. What Should I look for When Deciding on a Community?

Choose a neighborhood that best suits your daily activities, school requirements and shopping. Do you want the hustle and bustle of the city, or do you wish to live in a quiet rural community? If you find a neighborhood you like, then talk to the people in the area to make sure you live in a place where you are most comfortable.

6. How Do I Make the Right Offer on a Home?

Once you find your dream home, you need to make an offer. Most homes are offered at a higher price to account for counteroffers, and you should offer about five percent lower than the asking price. Your real estate agent can provide you with a list of comparable homes in the area. Don’t expect your offer is final until the seller accepts it, and once a price is agreed upon, you can make the earnest money deposit as a sign of good faith.

From choosing the perfect neighborhood to finding the right loan, buying a house in Columbia, South Carolina can be confusing. Before starting the house-hunting process, you should make sure that you are ready both financially and personally.

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