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Are you Prepared for Hurricane season?


Experience the calm before the storm by being prepared. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for a hurricane. So often we wait to prepare until the hurricane is knocking on our door. Waiting and procrastinating does not keep the hurricane at bay. Whether you decide to stay or go, make sure you do the following:

  • Know your evacuation routes.
  • Know the location of local shelters. If you have pets know which shelters allow pets.
  • Prepare for your pets. Will they stay with you or will you board them. Make sure you have any medications that they may need and plenty of food.
  • Build an emergency kit. Remember to include any prescriptions needed. For a complete list of items to include visit
  • Have a family communication plan. Cell phones often go lose signal during storms, what is your back up plan.
  • Have cash on hand as ATMs may not be available.
  • Put all important documents (insurance papers, passports, birth certificates etc.) inside a waterproof container.
  • Gas up the car. Traffic can get very heavy during evacuations so plan ahead and fill those tanks.
  • Cover the windows. If you do not have shutters get 5/8″ marine plywood cut to fit for each window.
  • Anything outside that is not tied down should be brought inside.

Be prepared before the hurricane arrives and the shelves are empty. Taking these step now prevents forgetting things when rushing around at the last minute trying to gather everything in a panic.


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