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Columbia Spotlight: Cottle Strawberry Farm

In the spring and early summer of April to June, strawberry enthusiasts flock to the Cottle Strawberry Farm for farm fresh straw berries. The strawberry picking season can vary based on the season’s whim, but the set hours do not change. The farm is open seven days a week with the hours of eight am to seven pm on all days except Sunday. On Sunday the hours are twelve o’clock to six pm.

Strawberries in Columbia SC


The Cottle Strawberry Farm is located in Columbia, South Carolina. The farm also has four roadside stand locations that they stock in and around the city of Columbia. Their address is:

  • Cottle Strawberry Farm
  • 2533 Trotter Rd.
  • Columbia SC 29209
  • Website: Click Here

Prices Per Quart and Gallon

Prices for strawberries are slightly different depending on whether you pick the strawberries or they do. For one quart of strawberries it is four dollars, and it does not matter if you or they pick them. For one gallon of strawberries that you pick it is eleven dollars. If they pick it, then two dollars are added to the charge for a total of thirteen dollars for one gallon.

History of the Cottle Strawberry Farm

Today the farm is managed by descendants of the original farmers. Ms. Joy Dawn Colette and her father, Mr. Ned Able Cottle, keep the farm in good condition and plan to keep on passing their secrets of growing great tasting strawberries through the Cottle generations. Ms. Cottle’s grandmother, Nettie Lee Carol Cottle, who began what became the farm in 1966. It all started with one roadside stand and a dream.

Tried and Tested Delicious Strawberry Recipes

There are many good recipes to be tried with Cottle Strawberries. Some of their favorites are Strawberry Pizza, Very Strawberry Ice cream, Strawberry Pudding, Strawberry Glaze, Strawberry chicken and Strawberry Pie. There are no ends to the ways you can use strawberries in new recipes. The strawberry pizza, made with regular dough and strawberry toppings, and the Strawberry flavored chicken are especially scrumptious. Though it may sound strange, the brightly colored fruit provides a succulent back ground flavor to the meat. The sweet yet sharp taste is a good base flavor in many dishes.

The Fun and Bonding of Strawberry Picking

The Cottle Strawberry Farm is often the destination of school field trips around Columbia. Children love to explore the fields of strawberries and picking, often for the first time, their food directly from the ground. The wide open space of the strawberry fields allows plenty of room for children to run and release their energy without bothering you. Bringing your family on a strawberry picking picnic can also be a great opportunity for family bonding time, fun and photo opportunities. Or, you can make a day of it and scavenge for the best strawberries for your recipes in the bright South Carolina sun shine. All in all, the Cottle Strawberry Farm is a great place to visit, with your children or just by yourself for a fun, relaxing day.

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