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Columbia Spotlight: Living in a Condo

columbia condo
by Lisa Petrole Photography

A silent battle has raged on in Columbia for a couple years now: Is living in a condo better than a home? The debate has had its trade of blows, but with the growing downtown area, condo living has taken root. People are looking for convenient locations, modern amenities, and beautiful places to call home — which traditional houses can’t compare to at times. The usual grind of fighting traffic and not having access to certain facilities has changed people’s minds of where they should live, especially with younger adults. Here are a few traits of why condo living can be amazing:

1. Convenient Location

Condo complexes are usually centered around hubs of activity and located in prime areas of the city. It’s easy to grab a bite to eat or hangout in local coffee shop when it’s right outside your door. If you feel like shopping or touring around town, you can usually walk to each destination. You no longer have to fight traffic or worry about leaving early to catch your movie. Everything is right near you.

2. Amenities

Condo complexes usually possess a number of facilities like fitness centers and swimming pools. It’s easy to practice your favorite activity and spend the day doing what you love. Plus, it’s right by your home, so you don’t have to worry about traveling to the facilities. Some examples of what a Columbia condo complex might have are tennis courts, garden areas, gyms, and pools. Plus, the added benefit is the sense of community. You’ll most likely meet the same people working out with you, so it won’t be long before you make friends and have great experiences.

3. Affordability & Low Maintenance

One of the most common gripes of home living is the maintenance. If a pipe is leaking or paint is chipping off the walls, they have to fix it themselves. With a condo, you live the other way. Complexes usually have handymen to help you and fix any issues you might be having, which means you can spend more time relaxing and having a good time. The other added benefit of condo living is the affordability. Condos are dramatically cheaper than buying a new home, and the interest rates are lower than those on a home. So, if you’re just starting out, buying a condo might be a better choice for you.

The Verdict on Condo Living

With lower maintenance, more amenities, and a convenient location, it’s no wonder why condo living has become so popular in Columbia. University students and young professionals can easily benefit from owning a condo, since they’ll be right in the center of town. They can walk to work or school while still enjoying the city lifestyle. To view condominiums for sale, click the button below.

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