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Easy Tips to Hanging Holiday Lights Around Columbia, SC

The holidays are almost here in beautiful Columbia, and while we may not typically celebrate with snow we can still do our best to make our city festive and beautiful by using festive lights. We have gathered some tips to assist you in making your house and lawn look its best, with as little stress as possible for you.

Columbia SC Christmas Lights
by Christmas Lights, Etc

Where to Hang Lights Outdoors

Hanging lights can highlight the beautiful parts of your home, and hide areas that you might not want seen. There are a lot of places you can choose to highlight, and one of the most beautiful is the front porch area. If you have columns at the front of your house, wrap lights around those to use them as a feature. When wrapping columns, start at the top and use tape or wire to secure the lights on the column.

Highlight bushes and trees in your yard by using light nets. This makes set up easy and it looks beautiful. Planters, mailboxes, and walkways are also popular areas to feature. Mailboxes can be dressed up to be festive as candy canes and walkways can have traditional lights leading carolers up to the front door.

Traditionally, lights are popular along the roofline of the house. Fortunately, many lights that can be hung on the roofline are inconspicuous and can stay on year round, meaning less work for you.

Where to Hang Lights Inside Your Home

The most stunning places to hang lights inside your home are along mantles and going up staircases. Inside you can hang lights and garland together, or find holly to spruce up the lights. Of course, lights can also go around the Christmas tree, and putting them around the insides of the windows gives off a neat glow.

Tips for Hanging Lights

Before you start anything ,gather necessary supplies for light hanging, which include:

  • Wire or adhesive
  • A partner to help you
  • Tacks or finishing nails
  • A chair or ladder for those hard to reach places

Begin Hanging Holiday Lights

Before you start untangling the strands, plug in each light strand to make sure that they work. If one does not light up, you just saved yourself the time and frustration of doing all the prep work just to have to start over again.

When hanging the lights, make sure not to push the thumb tacks into the wire itself. When it comes to wrapping the tree and posts or columns, start from the top and work your way down. For the windows, simply tape the light strands to the window to ensure they stay put.

Hanging lights as a part of the holiday celebration is a time honored tradition here in Columbia. We look forward to seeing how local homes get in the holiday spirit this year!

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