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College Bowl Game Snacks to Enjoy at Home

It doesn’t matter if you’re rooting for USC, Notre Dame or Alabama – the fact is, you’re going to have a lot of people over for the big college bowl games! What’s more fun than enjoying a game in the company of great friends? Accompanying your game day with great food! You’re going to want the best snacks on hand for your party, and you’re going to want to do more than store bought chips and dip. Impress your guests and keep them begging for more with the following snacks:

Columbia SC College Football Snacks
by Yuri Long

Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks and a Bleu Cheese Dip

What’s football without Buffalo sauce and chicken? Stir up this tasty treat in just 30 minutes, but be prepared for up to four hours of cook time.

Skin 16 chicken drumsticks. Put the chicken into a crock pot. In a separate bowl, mix up a 16 ounce bottle of buffalo wing sauce, a quarter cup tomato paste, two tablespoons of white vinegar and two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. Pour this mix over the chicken in the crock pot. Set that over low heat for about four hours.

While that’s cooking, throw together the Bleu Cheese dip. You’ll need a small bowl to add an eight ounce container of sour cream, a half cup of mayonnaise, a half cup of bleu cheese crumbles and a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Stash this in the refrigerator until the chicken is done. Serve it with celery and you’ve got a winner. You might want to double this for a big crowd, though, because it only serves about four people if each person eats four drumsticks.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

What can we say? We love any form of meat rolled into a little ball. These will make three and a half dozen servings, which is great for that larger party or for next day lunchtime leftovers.

Use 3/4 pound ground beef and mix it with 3/4 pound ground turkey. Add a small minced onion, a quarter cup egg substitute, and a half cup Italian breadcrumbs. Mix this all up and form yummy little one inch balls. Brown the meatballs over medium high heat then take them out and set them aside.

Wipe out the grease carefully then throw in 3/4 cup ketchup, a third cup white vinegar, a quarter cup Worcestershire sauce, three tablespoons of sugar, and two teaspoons of dry mustard. Boil this mixture in the skillet then put the meatballs back in. Simmer for about five minutes or until the meat is cooked all the way through.

Aloha Shandy

Who are we greeting? No, it’s not a Hawaiian hello. It’s an amazing little drink for anyone who loves beer. It makes fourteen servings and needs 3 hours to freeze. Get a saucepan and pour in one cup water, one cup sugar, and six 3 inch lemon peel strips. Boil this until the sugar dissolves then let the mixture cool away from the heat. Take out the lemon peels.

Put the syrup into a larger pitcher then stir in three cups water. Add 2 2/3 cup passion fruit juice and 1 1/3 cups lemon juice. Pour three cups of the mixture into ice cube trays. Freeze it for about three hours. Save the remainder of the mixture in the pitcher and put it in the fridge.

Serve this drink by adding beer to the juice in the pitcher. Throw in the ice cubes and you’re ready to serve.

Enjoying Your College Bowl Game

Enjoy these amazing treats. Party safe but party well and wow your friends with your simple, yet amazing, culinary skills.

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