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Great Ideas to Sell Your Home This Fall

If you are seeking the right time to sell your home in Columbia, SC fall is the second busiest season (next to spring) for home purchases. You can have great success in your home selling venture this fall season if you follow necessary steps to make your property appealing to potential buyers.

Photo by, Kimberly Vardeman
Photo by, Kimberly Vardeman

Make Your Home Smell Delicious

If there is one thought that many associate with the fall season it is food. Thanksgiving is the highlight of the season. Thanksgiving brings forth thoughts of family and good times in the minds of many. Make sure that your home has scents related to delicious foods. Many home sellers like to have the smell of fresh baked cookies or warm cider during showings.

Clean Up Leaves

Fall leaves may be beautiful on the trees, but be sure to rake up fallen leaves. Also make sure that large bags full of dead leaves are picked up by waste removal prior to home showings.

Conduct Early Showings

During the fall season it gets darker earlier in the day and by the time people get off of work it is already dark. Try to schedule showings when it is still light outside so potential buyers can get a clear view of all the features of your home. Try to get as many showings on the weekend as possible.

Make Sure Your Home is Well Lit

You may not be able to schedule all of your showings during the day. For the times when you conduct showings at night, make sure that your home has sufficient lighting so that potential buyers can get a good view of all the features your home has to offer.

Have Photos of Spring and Summer Available

One downside to showing your home during the fall is that potential buyers will not be able to experience how beautiful landscaping looks in the Spring. Have pictures available on your listing page online of your home during spring and summer so potential buyers can have an idea of how beautiful your property is during the warmer months.

Fall Décor

Without going overboard, Fall decorations can accentuate the charm and homeyness of your listing. A few pumpkins at the top of the drive or a fall wreath hanging on the front door can go a long way in setting apart your home through giving potential buyers ideas as to how they would decorate the home.

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