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How to Get Started Selling Your Columbia Home

Columbia, South Carolina is a beautiful southern location that has seen improvements in real estate sales over the past several months. Some of the benefits that Columbia has to offer area residents include improved employment opportunities, family oriented attractions, and easy access to the nearby mountains or beaches located on the east coast.

If you own a home in Columbia and are interested in selling, there are a few steps that you should take in order to make the process a successful one. If you are new to the selling process, these steps will help you get started so that you will make the right decisions in order to sell you home as quickly as possible.

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1. Hire a Highly Recommended Agent

The first thing that you need to do when you want to sell your home is find a reliable real estate agent that will guide you through the process. It is best to ask friends, family members, and neighbors who they would recommend instead of simply choosing a name out of the phone book. Learning more about an agent’s work ethic from people that you trust will help you to narrow down your choices so that you can find an agent that will meet your needs.

Some individuals may suggest that you sell your home without the help of an agent in order to save money. While this technique may work for some, it can be much more time consuming to go through the selling process on your own.

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2. Research and Decide on a Reasonable Listing Price

When it comes to deciding on a reasonable listing price, there are several things to consider. You should think of the other homes for sale in your area as your competition and price your home lower than the average listing price. This will help to draw more attention to your listing, even if your price is just a few hundred dollars less.

Buyers are always looking for the best deal, and if they can buy your home for less than another property similar to yours, they will attempt to make you an offer. You can do some research on your own, or have your real estate agent do it for you. They will be able to advise you on what the best price range will be for your home. Be sure to leave a little room for negotiation and price the home slightly higher than the lowest amount you are willing to take.


3. Do Necessary Repairs and Renovations

After you have decided on a price, you will want to make sure your home is in the best shape possible. Fix leaky pipes, add new cabinets, give the bedrooms a fresh coat of paint, and wax the hardwood floors. Do whatever you need to do in order to get the home ready for viewing. Use this time to throw away or donate anything that you will not be taking with you when you move out. Pack family photos, collectibles, figurines, and personal mementos and place them in the garage, basement, or at a storage facility. You want the home to look like it has not been lived in for a while, so that it will be more enviable to buyers.

4. Add More Curb Appeal

The appearance of your home’s exterior is just as important as the inside decor. As interested buyers drive through the neighborhood, they only get to see the outside of the home and the front lawn. Therefore the curb appeal of your property can be vital when it comes to whether or not you make a quick sale.

Make sure that the lawn has been neatly trimmed and there are no weeds, debris, or brush that is visible. You may want to consider hiring a professional landscaping crew to give your front or backyard a complete transformation. Adding new flowers or decorative shrubs will also draw more attention to the property while adding aesthetic value.

5. Selling Your Columbia Home

Columbia, South Carolina is a desirable location for buyers that are interested in moving to the southern east coast. There are many people who would love to relocate to this area and some may be searching for a home that is similar to your own. If you would like to place your home on the market, there is no better time than right now. Get in contact with a professional real estate agent today in order to get started on the home selling process. Also, try reading our free home seller’s eBook to see how you can maximize your profits!

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