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    The Top 2 Places to Visit in Columbia

    By Admin | March 31, 2013

    Columbia is home to a unique blend of southern culture, historic preservation, and modern entertainment. Political movers and shakers are constantly rattling the state capital. University students add a dynamic touch to partying and hosting creative events. Business professionals are always walking about the office, closing deals. But the bigger question is where families should... Read More

    The Adventures of Lake Murray

    By Admin | March 30, 2013

    It’s easy to get jealous of people living in the Lowcountry and Up-state parts of South Carolina. Coastal residents get to enjoy the sandy beaches on the weekend while on the opposite side, Up-state residents get to explore and camp along the Appalachian Mountains. Columbia, however, is land-locked. The bustling state capital is filled with... Read More

    24 Hours in Columbia SC

    By Admin | March 29, 2013

    Heading over the midlands of South Carolina, you’ll drive over short hills, pass Palmetto landscaping, and cross over into the state capital of Columbia. Here, the metropolis hangs in the near center of the state, reminding everyone of its dire importance and history to the area. Capital buildings are mixed with corporate offices, but it... Read More

    The Affordability of Columbia

    By Admin | March 27, 2013

    One of the greatest characteristics to living in Columbia is the affordability. When it costs you $500,000 to buy a 3 bedroom house in Mt. Pleasant and only $170,000 for the same house in Columbia, the choice of where to move is easy. Saving tens of thousands of dollars opens up opportunities to buy other... Read More

    New Neighborhood Communities Around Columbia

    By Admin | March 26, 2013

    One thing Columbia has is a selection of new construction homes to choose from. With new communities being built along lakes and metropolitan hubs, it’s easy to find a property you’ll love. Below are a selection of newly developed neighborhoods that offer affordable houses and wonderful amenities around Columbia. Map of Newly Developed Neighborhoods Click... Read More

    The State Farmers Market in Columbia

    By Admin | March 26, 2013

    Walking through the State Farmers Market and talking with local vendors puts you into one mindset: Get healthy. The succulent aromas and stark contrasts of freshly cut fruit and harvested vegetables is an experience that gets your mouth watering. You feel overjoyed that you are not only eating healthy, but you are supporting the local... Read More

    Columbia Spotlight: The Lace House

    By Admin | March 25, 2013

    Every city has its memories, but one area in particular holds all of Columbia’s sweetest entries: The Lace House. Located within the Governor’s Mansion Complex and surrounded by timeless gardens, the Lace House has been the go-to destination for state events, weddings, and parties. The historic charm of the old house and the southern hospitality... Read More

    The Value of Selling Your Home in Columbia SC

    By Admin | March 24, 2013

    Columbia has always been home to a steady real estate market. It’s had its ups and downs, but recently we’ve seen a unique trend in the business: The market is becoming more seller-oriented. There are fewer homes and more buyers. The range of property options are getting slimmer, meaning there’s less to choose from. And... Read More

    Understanding Columbia Real Estate with Craig Summerall

    By Admin | March 24, 2013

    The Real Estate Scene Columbia has no shortage of political heroes and corporate big-wigs. The state capital is home to a large, diverse population filled with exciting people and changing times. And nowhere else is the scene changing like the real estate market in Columbia. People spend hours up to months researching homes before actually... Read More

    Columbia Spotlight: Living in a Condo

    By Admin | March 21, 2013

    A silent battle has raged on in Columbia for a couple years now: Is living in a condo better than a home? The debate has had its trade of blows, but with the growing downtown area, condo living has taken root. People are looking for convenient locations, modern amenities, and beautiful places to call home... Read More

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