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Sell Your Home Fast: Top 10 Staging Tips

You always hear about staging your home. What does staging your house do? It highlights your homes strengths, downplays it’s weaknesses, and helps your home appeal to the greatest amount of prospective buyers. These are the top 10 simplest tips for staging your home successfully.

Boost Curb Appeal. The way to get prospective homeowners to come see your home is to make it attractive from the outside. Many people will do a quick drive-by before touring a home to see if it is even worth looking inside. Easy ways to boost curb appeal include:

  • Mow the lawn and add fresh sod as needed
  • Power wash the siding, driveway, & walkways
  • Plant flowers & fresh greenery
  • Wash the front windows
  • Create an inviting front porch with potted plants, a clean doormat, and a fresh coat of paint or stain. Also, remember to leave lights on at night in case potential buyers drive buy after dark.

Make Your House Shine. This is the cheapest way to help your home look it’s best. Every surface should be cleaned until it glimmers. Everything from floors and rugs to windows, counters, and grout, should be scrubbed and sparkling. This step is key so don’t skimp. If you need to hire professionals to help with the tough stuff, then do so.

De-Clutter. All clutter must go, end of story. It is not easy but is well worth the trouble. Clean and clear surfaces equal more space to potential buyers so get rid of anything unnecessary or unsightly so spaces look larger and more welcoming.

Choose Neutral Colors. Now is not the time to experiment with paint color. Warm neutral tones create a sophisticated backdrop that makes everything look pulled together. If you crave color, add splashes of color with fresh cut flowers or accent pillows.

Rearrange Your Furniture. Symmetrical arrangements work best and help a space look cleaner and larger. Pull furniture off of the walls and create inviting conversation areas to maximize effectiveness.

Create A Gender Neutral Master Bedroom. Keep your master bedroom free of personal items and clutter. Use clean, crisp linens  and put a folded blanket at the foot of the bed. Make sure the artwork is tasteful. A clean, tailored master bedroom appeals to everyone.

Open The Closets. Visitors will want to peek in your closets. Closet space and storage can make or break a sale so show yours off. Get rid of excess stuff and aim to have 20 to 30 percent of space open in each closet to give the impression of spaciousness.

Clean Up Toys. Of course there will be families with kids touring your home, but seeing toys all over the place will not sell them on your house. Buyers want to imagine a fresh start and dream of organized kids’ rooms and spaces. Show them that it’s possible.

Beware of Pet Odors. This is a big one! Get your rugs steam cleaned and be extra vigilant about vacuuming to avoid excess pet hair and odor. Also, be sure to put away pet toys and dog bones to decrease smell. People may love animals but they do not want a house that smells like one! You may also want to look into candles that help eliminate pet odors in neutral, fresh smelling scents like vanilla, cinnamon or lemon.

Don’t Forget to Stage the Outside Too! Play up your outdoor spaces. Even if a space is small, the right cafe table & chairs or vase of flowers can have buyers thinking “charming” rather than small. Stage your outdoors according to the season. In the summer, make sure your garden is in great shape. In the winter ,build a fire in the clean outdoor fire pit. Make the most of the space no matter how big or small and create a great space that others can imagine themselves in.

Home staging does involve a little work but it will be well worth it. Successful staging is the key to not only selling your home quickly but also to getting the best price for it.

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