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South Carolina vs. Florida: Gamecocks Last Chance to Control The SEC East

South Carolina vs. Florida
by Orlando Sentinel

With the remainder of South Carolina’s season at Williams-Brice Stadium, the Gamecocks will face their last SEC competitor this Saturday, as well as their last chance to control the SEC East. The Florida Gators may have beaten South Carolina last year, but the Gamecocks are fighting for more than a win this year, they’re fighting for the hope of staying in the race for the SEC East.

SEC East Run Down

The contenders for the SEC East and the chance at the SEC Championship include three major players: Missouri, South Carolina and Georgia. By the time the Gamecocks take the field Saturday night at 7 pm, they’ll likely know if there is still a chance to control the SEC East. If Auburn beats Georgia, the Gamecocks are still in the race and will need to beat Florida in order to have any chance at staying in the SEC East race. But if Georgia wins, the Gamecocks will pretty much be eliminated. Why you ask? I’ll explain.

  • A Georgia victory will put the Dawgs 5-2 in the SEC, with a likely win against Kentucky making them 6-2.
  • Add to that a Gamecock loss to Florida (making them 5-3) and South Carolina has no chance at winning the SEC East.
  • A Georgia loss against Auburn or Kentucky will put them out of the race as well.
  • If South Carolina wins this week and Georgia wins against¬†Auburn and Kentucky it will put both teams with a 6-2 record.
  • Add to this a Missouri loss against Ole Miss or Texas A&M and you have all three teams with a 6-2 record and Missouri winning out.
  • Add two Missouri loses to Ole Miss and Texas A&M and the Tigers are out of the race, leaving Georgia and South Carolina with Georgia winning out.
  • And lastly, if Missouri doesn’t lose against Ole Miss or Texas A&M they win the SEC East.

So you can see why this weekend is a big weekend in SEC football. The best case scenario for the Gamecocks this week would be a Bulldog loss and a win against Florida. With Missouri on a bye week, all the SEC East focus will be on the Georgia-Auburn game and the South Carolina-Florida game.

South Carolina vs. Florida Analysis and Predictions

The Gators are suffering the injury bug this season with 6 starters out for the season and many other players suffering injuries as well. With the recent injury to top tackler Antonio Morrison and their four-game losing streak, the Gators’ morale and ability is at its all time low this season. Couple that with South Carolina’s determination to stay in the race for the SEC and you get a not so balanced battle.

Prediction: South Carolina beats Florida by at least two touchdowns.



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