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The Adventures of Lake Murray

It’s easy to get jealous of people living in the Lowcountry and Up-state parts of South Carolina. Coastal residents get to enjoy the sandy beaches on the weekend while on the opposite side, Up-state residents get to explore and camp along the Appalachian Mountains. Columbia, however, is land-locked. The bustling state capital is filled with plenty of city entertainment and local sports, but it can be frustrating when you want to get outside the town.

That’s where Lake Murray comes in. Covering over 650 miles of shoreline, it’s one of the largest lakes in the state – and it’s one of the most popular places for Columbian-residents to go to when they want to escape the city.

lake murray

What to Do at Lake Murray

The first thing people usually ask when they’re relocating to Columbia is “Why does everyone have a boat?” Soon, they hear about Lake Murray and realize owning a boat is key to having extraordinary fun on the weekends. There’s over 80 square miles of water to test your boating skills on and not enough time to explore it all. Docks and marinas are located all around the lake to fit the arrival of visitors from Lexington, Columbia, Chapin, and Irmo.

Often, boaters cruise along the lake enjoying the pristine skies and warm weather South Carolina has. Water skiing and tubing adds excitement to the adventure. Children can jump around and go swimming. For those looking to relax in peaceful quietness, they can easily find a tranquil part of the lake and cast their bait. Fishing is one of the biggest sports in the area. Everyone tries to catch the prestigious Great Blue Heron or Striped Bass. There are also national and state fishing tournaments held annually.

If you’re not interested in taking out the boat and hitting the water, Lake Murray is also a great place to mimic the beach life. Sandy coastlines make for a wonderful area to camp out and relax. A lot of people unravel their beach towels and soak up some sun. Others roam about the large forests surrounding the area. Overall, there’s a ton of things to do in Lake Murray, and there’s something that fits everyone’s tastes.

Waterfront Living on Lake Murray

Sometimes when people visit Lake Murray, they don’t want to leave. All the fun and excitement is too much to limit to just a weekend adventure. Real estate has boomed along the area to reflect the general attitude of having a fun place to live and a fun place to play. Waterfront homes from Lexington and Chapin offer some of the most luxurious features anyone can find in the state.

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