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The Value of Selling Your Home in Columbia SC

sold homeColumbia has always been home to a steady real estate market. It’s had its ups and downs, but recently we’ve seen a unique trend in the business: The market is becoming more seller-oriented. There are fewer homes and more buyers. The range of property options are getting slimmer, meaning there’s less to choose from. And this translates into greater negotiating power for a home seller.

Homeowners generally have small fears that they won’t be able to sell their house. They’re afraid it’ll just sit on the market and collect dust or won’t get as much as they want for it. But since the market is moving towards sellers, that means you have more buyers making offers. It’ll only be days before agents start calling up to show off the house. And it will only be a few more days before they start handing down bids. If one doesn’t fit what you want, they’ll most likely be another right behind it.

Basically, in a seller’s market, you have the power of choice rather than the buyer – which makes selling your advantage.

Recently Sold Homes in Columbia

Looking at recently sold properties is one of the best indicators to realizing the value of selling your home in Columbia. It provides you a snapshot of what you could possibly make if you decided to sell, and can eliminate a majority of your selling fears.

Below are a few homes that were recently:

1. 247 S Edisto Avenue, Columbia, SC 29205 – 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths – Sold for: $595,000

2. 5 W Tombee Lane, Columbia, SC 29209 – 5 bedrooms, 4 baths – Sold for: $470,000

3. 1401 Hagood Avenue, Columbia, SC 29205 – 4 bedrooms, 2 baths – Sold for: $323,000

Selling Your Columbia Home

There’s plenty of information on selling a home these days – like getting rid of clutter, utilizing natural light, and staging the yard. But finding real information and knowing the market is vital. To get an appropriate analysis on your home’s worth and to attract the right buyers, so they don’t waste your time, you need a local real estate agent. If you’re curious about selling, send us your questions in the form below.

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