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    Understanding Columbia Real Estate with Craig Summerall

    Craig SummerallThe Real Estate Scene

    Columbia has no shortage of political heroes and corporate big-wigs. The state capital is home to a large, diverse population filled with exciting people and changing times. And nowhere else is the scene changing like the real estate market in Columbia. People spend hours up to months researching homes before actually jumping onto the market. Online avenues and search engines have drastically transformed the role of the real estate agent and their interactions with clients. Today, agents rely on new-and-improved software that matches buyers with sellers. They have tools to reach out to thousands of people at the same time.

    But like all changing times, there are few who can keep up. Utilizing the edge of the industry and his simple upbringing of “taking care of the house,” Craig Summerall has breached the traditional model of real estate agent and made himself into the Columbia house guru. We recently had some time to sit down with Craig and ask him a few questions about the current real estate market in Columbia, SC.

    1) How did you get started in the real estate business and what motivated you to join the industry?

    I’m not going to lie; one of the biggest motivators for me moving into the real estate business was my mother-in-law. She had been in the business for nearly 25 years and really needed some help. So, there I was, thinking it a good idea to make real estate a “tradition” in the family. But one of most underlying factors that helped me excel at real estate was my financial background. I was previously a financial consultant and knew all-too-well the significance of a home purchase. Knowing and relating to the costly strain of owning a home helped me really connect to homeowners, and in return, motivated me to further help them.

    2) Columbia, SC has a strong educational atmosphere with the university being there, but what else does the city have to offer home buyers?

    The state capital is unique because of its location. Since it’s centered in the state, it has easy access to beaches around the Charleston area and access to mountains in the Greenville area. Lake Murray is a short drive away, where people can go boating and fishing along one of the biggest lakes in the state. But the location has also driven a unique edge to the city’s culture. Showcasing its southern hospitality, Columbia has attracted several entertainment venues for both young adults and families.

    3) Has the real estate market in Columbia improved since the ’06 bubble?

    As with any bubble, Columbia has seen a slight drop in home prices and sales, but oddly enough, the city has remained on top of the national average. Because of our stable local-economy, the real estate market has stayed strong and well above other hard-hit cities in the country.

    4) For those relocating to Columbia, where would you suggest them to move to, and why?

    It’s really hard to pinpoint exactly where someone should move to without first meeting them. Every home buyer has different needs and tastes, and Columbia has no shortage of different homes for them. I think the best way to tell anyone relocating to Columbia is to first call us (803-358-0888) and we can determine a good home from there.

    5) Are there any qualities or features that set you apart from the other real estate agents?

    This may sound foolish, but I think my biggest difference is that I listen. Home buyers and sellers have very specific tastes and already know what they’re looking for. The internet has changed that. There’s nothing more frustrating than meeting an agent, then having him show you a house that doesn’t fit any description of what you were looking for. I think we’ve all gone through that experience and don’t want our time wasted. That’s why some real estate agents get a bad reputation, and I’m determined to change that perception.

    To learn more about Craig Summerall and his real estate success, contact him here or view current home listings:

    Click Here to View Columbia Homes for Sale

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