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    Columbia, SC Utilities Guide

    When you move to Columbia, South Carolina and someone insists on helping you in someway, don’t be alarmed, its the charming, southern Columbia way. Columbia is South Carolina’s state capital which hosts fun activities, year round, for the whole family. It is home to six top colleges, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 manufacturing corporations, innovative healthcare institutions, activity filled parks, luxury subdivisions, artistic productions, beautiful tree lined communities, and so much more.

    To play host to these varied lifestyles, requires top utility companies that are dependable and who desire to keep its residents safe and healthy. Columbia’s utility companies contact information can be found in your “South Carolina Relocation Guides.” These water, sewage, electric, and natural gas utility companies, include the following:

    Columbia SC Utility Companies
    by Keoni Cabral

    1. WATER:

    • Columbia Water Works
    • 1136 Washington Street – Columbia,
    • (803) 545-3300

    The city of Columbia has been featured, as a semifinalist, on NBC’s Today Show has having the best tasting water in the nation. Columbia has two water treatment plants, the Columbia Canal and Lake Murray, both of which have been lauded for its clean drinking water requirements, by the South Carolina Area-Wide Optimization Program and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

    Columbia Water Works serves the city of Columbia, portions of Richland County, Lexington County, and many other local neighborhoods. To begin or end water services, the Columbia Water Works can be contacted by phone, internet, through mobile devices and at the above address. The Columbia Water Works issues a pamphlet and guide to its residents on do’s and don’t’s for keeping the water supply clear and plentiful. Certain documentation will be required to open a water account with a $30.00 new account fee and a $15.00 connection fee.

    2. SEWAGE:

    • Columbia Department of Utilities & Engineering
    • 1136 Washington Street – Columbia
    • (803) 545-3300

    Not every home in Columbia needs a sewer billing arrangement, therefore, when new homeowners settle in, they are asked to contact the Department of Utilities and Engineering to give their locations and to find out if they qualify for sewer services. Because Columbia has received so many accolades for its drinking water, it’s no wonder that the Department also has an exemplary record for supplying top quality drinking water to Columbia and the Metropolitan area. The sewage plant uses innovative techniques to monitor, screen, remove returns and wastes, as well as diffusing and recycling sludge.


    South Carolina Electric and Gas (“SCE&G”)

    • A SCANA Company
    • 24 hour Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-800-251-7234.
    • P.O. Box 100255
    • Columbia SC 29202

    SCE&G has prepared a guide and online forms for new homeowners to start their electrical and natural gas services. SCE&G supports the economic status of Columbia, because a majority of the employees are residents of the Greater Columbia Metropolitan Area. The SCANA Corporation has been serving the North and South Carolina area for over 160 years with quality electric and natural gas, for its homes and businesses. The SCE&G offers electrical saving tips, discounts and rebates, for its customers, including using compact fluorescent light bulbs, LEDs, and Energy Star products. To begin services, customer’s are asked to provide:

    • picture ID
    • contact person and phone number
    • social security number
    • driver’s license
    • spouse’s name and social number


    • South Carolina Electric and Gas (“SCE&G”)
    • A SCANA Company
    • 24 hour Customer Service Center: 1-800-251-7234.
    • P.O. Box 100255
    • Columbia SC 29202

    Depending upon where homeowner’s have chosen to live in the Columbia area, it is advised to call SCE&G to find out if natural gas is available. Homeowner’s can determine what their natural gas bills will be, by calculating their monthly therm usage for their gas appliances. SCE&G supplies a pamphlet on the BTU therm appliances, such as gas logs. Columbia homes can be converted between electrical and natural gas through the SCE&G Department. Natural gas customer’s receive bill credits when they use natural gas appliances.

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