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Featured Neighborhood: Cottontown in Columbia, SC

The Cottontown neighborhood in Columbia, SC is the oldest planned neighborhood in the city, and has remained unaltered in appearance with the passage of time. Old hardwood trees line the streets, providing a canopy of shade that is perfect for an afternoon stroll through this historical district. Some of the earliest homes started to line the streets of Cottontown as early as the late 1800’s and have been intermingled with early 20th century homes as well.

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Historical Preservation

The streetscapes in Cottontown are historically unaltered and enhance the antiquity of the 20th century architecture of the homes. The neighborhood has a rich history that can be observed first-hand by taking a stroll through the neighborhood and taking it all in under the canopy of ancient trees that shadow the roads. Preservation of the historic value of the homes is important to the community of Cottontown.

Architectural Styles

The majority of the homes that comprise this historical district were built between 1925 and 1940, and still maintain their architectural integrity, as well as their historical charm. A mixture of Tudor revival, Colonial revival and Craftsman bungalows are the most popular styles of houses in this neighborhood, with the bungalow being the most prevalent. Each house in the neighborhood has kept its architectural integrity and authentic style over the passage of time. Most houses in the neighborhood are single-family dwellings and a few multi-family dwellings scattered throughout.

Although most homes in the neighborhood are bungalows, there are several other types of homes that line the streets as well. Cottages or Romantic revivals add a quaint charm to the neighborhood with their decorative arches, elaborate brickwork and elegant gables. A few two-story Foursquare homes are also scattered amongst the other types of homes.

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When it comes to location, Cottontown is located just north of downtown Columbia. A short stroll through the beautiful neighborhood is all it takes to enjoy the amenities nearby. There are several eclectic cafes and bistros nestled among the homes in this neighborhood. A few short blocks away, downtown Columbia has something for everyone, including many recreational activities, museums, and even a zoo. Residents can also enjoy spending time a nearby Earlewood park where they can find nature trails, a dog park, golf, and other leisure activities. There is also an amphitheater, tennis courts and a baseball diamond for residents to take advantage of.

Residents of Cottontown have access to a large variety of restaurants, parks, and shopping venues minutes away in the downtown area. There are plenty of recreational activities, museums, and even a zoo located just a few blocks away from the Cottontown community.

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