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Local Feature: River Bluff High School in Lexington, SC

Education is always on the top of every family’s minds when they relocate to a new area, so having a great school for their children to attend is an important factor when choosing a place to call home. Having excellent educational programs, great teaching staff, and up to date facilities are some of the key qualities that parents look for, which is why we’re featuring the newly built River Bluff High School in Lexington, SC.

Saluda River Club in Lexington SC

About River Bluff High School

Receiving a portion of students from Lexington High School and upcoming freshmen from Lexington and Meadow Glen Middle Schools, River Bluff will be poised to make an impact on the community. The school will feature 2 centers of advanced study: 1) Media Arts, Design, and Production & 2) Law and Global Policy Development. These centers will provide exceptional opportunities for students to learn academically with increasingly sophistication. It will provide exciting and rigorous learning experiences for the 21st century.

River Bluff is also bringing in qualified staff for AP studies in areas such as English and math. Additionally, students can improve their skills in the fine arts with the school orchestra, band, and chorus. If students are interested in athletics, River Bluff will offer them to join a team in these sports: baseball, football, cross country, soccer, lacrosse, and others.

For more information about River Bluff High School, visit their website: click here.

Neighborhoods Near River Bluff High School

The most notable neighborhood to attend River Bluff High School is the Saluda River Club. Featuring a distinct community that has made a strong name for itself, families can enjoy spacious homes with luxurious amenities. They’ll have large kitchens to prepare meals in along with cozy breakfast nooks to share breakfast. Living areas will offer relaxing features while the master bedroom will make you feel like you’re living in a paradise. Overall, the community is very close-knit. It’s a common sight to see parents walking around the neighborhood while children play with each other. If you don’t believe us, try taking a drive through the area. The appearance alone will be enough to convince you this is a place worthy to call home.

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